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Aquatec is a Commercial Pool Management Company which dedicates itself to customer service and the highest level of commercial pool service available. Our service territory is Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

Aquatec is a commercial pool management company serving small, mid-size and large commercial pools and municipalities with distinction since 2006. We say distinction because, in a business known for customer turnover, Aquatec has maintained an exceptional customer retention record. Whether performing service and repair issues, automation systems, renovations or new construction, Aquatec has a history of exceeding customer expectations.

The secret to our success is an “always on” approach to our customer needs. Our services are dynamic and respond to the different requirements of our customers, State regulations, budget and the environment.

At Aquatec, we believe in a core value that is well stated by our CEO, Mike Caruso: “Find the right people and give them the right tools and they will provide an immediate and superior level of service. Our employees and customers are our most important assets.”